A pair to watch in Portland.”

Kelsey Greco, Vortex Magazine

Fox & Bones [reminds] us of the beauty of the USA. With music that goes down like jelly, is sometimes sweet like Southern Sweet Iced Tea with extra sugar and addictive like peanut butter.”


These two will lull you with their sweet and delicate melodies and woo you with their complex lyrics. Recommended if you like: making out slowly, folk and singer/songwriter tunes, music you can hum to.”

Vienna Wurstelstand

Their two voices meld so perfectly together that you never want to stop listening.”

Teri Briggs, Portland Radio Project

One of Portland's best duos”

Luke Neill, Sounds of PDX

Fox and Bones

Fox and Bones are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, if Bonnie and Clyde had driven a Volvo and played folk-pop music. Based in Portland, OR, these internationally touring sweethearts aren't your average duo. Rather than simply documenting their experiences in song, Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore write from the perspective of quasi-fictional characters. There’s Fox, a down-and-out former prom queen, and Bones, a rootless orphan bad boy with a heart of gold. The two fall for each other, decide to hit the road, and never look back. The characters, as well as their real-life counterparts, use music as the canvas on which they paint a new life together that defies traditional relationship roles and life goals. Their music is ripe with vocal harmonies that pull at the heartstrings, and a complex, at times metaphysical, lyrical landscape. Each element serves their stories of a life lived on the road in pursuit of a dream that most never have the courage to chase. Live, they give audiences a peek into their world, and challenge them to believe in life, adventure, and modern love.

Vortex Magazine gushes: "Scott Gilmore's voice, full of character and color, melds with Sarah Vitort's warm and expressive vocals. There is an ease and a simplicity to their music, but the complexity of their voices is intriguing. Their tight melodies weave throughout each performance and leave the listener breathless. Vitort and Gilmore have an undeniable chemistry on stage, stealing furtive glances and sometimes locking eyes with an intimacy that showcases how vulnerable they are with one another and their audience."

The pair released their power folk pop single "Love Me Like a River" on October 6th to critical acclaim. Glide Magazine says the song "reflects with the prowess of Hozier with Fleetwood Mac pop overtones that make for a modern day power folk duo." Vortex Magazine chimes in, "While their voices once again cradle and complement one another, there’s also a surging energy pushing their emotive flood forward on 'Love Me Like A River.'"

Perhaps Teri Briggs of Portland Radio Project sums it up best. "These two voices meld so perfectly together that you never want to stop listening."

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Fleetwood Mac
The Civil Wars
Scarlett O'Connor & Gunnar Scott - "Nashville"
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2018 Press Photo

2018 Press Photo

"River" shoot with Michael James Nipper

"River" shoot with Michael James Nipper

Photo: Tara Sloane

Photo: Tara Sloane

Photo shoot with Michael Nipper in the hills of Austria

Photo shoot with Michael Nipper in the hills of Austria

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"The Remarkable Adventures Of" - Released February 2017

River (Interlude)
Wild and Wicked Nights
You're So Easy
The Heist
Lay You Down

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