1. Bones

From the recording The Remarkable Adventures Of

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Did we get out alive
You turned to me and said
As a small bead of sweat drops and lies glistening on your legs
Well we made it this far, at that you smile and you rest your head
There's still many more lives for us to live

My hand on your neck
Shared secrets in our eyes
Death don't scare me cause we are eternally intertwined
Only you and I and the sunset know the depth of our sins
Your skin may be the closest to heaven I get

There may be clouds rolling in
Or darkness on the road
Still you are the one I will never let go of

We could run our whole lives
And always feel at home
Love transcends good and evil it's written in our bones
There may be blood on our hands
And darkness in our souls

But in your eyes I'm beautifully whole
In our eyes we're beautifully whole