1. Welcome Home

From the recording Better Land

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I started in this world, born to play a part
Just a reckless child with handguns
Shooting blanks into the dark
Searching for that spark

Like marbles in a sand storm
Or ice under the heat
I was transfixed upon the cave walls
Thinking all I was, was all I'd ever be

I was so lost
So lost

Emerging from the darkness
I imagined my future wife
She was imminent and faceless
And engulfed in radiant light

That refracted as in diamonds
Yeah it crashed upon my shore
I'm not the smartest man I know
But of this one thing I am oh so sure

It was you
I didn't know it at the time
But it was you

I've always been quite suborn
Yeah my mama would tell you so
I've got a laundry list of other traits
That aren't endearing as I'd hoped
There's still so much that I don't know

Yet you handle me like sheepskin
Oh you hold me tight like rope
I have a tough time giving compliments
But you truly sooth my rough and ragged soul

Yeah you, Yeah you do

So I promise to be healthy
At least the best that I can keep
Though I'm known for reaching for the things
That are barely out of reach

We'll paint ourselves a picket fence
On the back of our tour Volvo
Load it up with gear and gasoline
And drive across this world

Put a bumper sticker on the back
That says Welcome Home