From the recording American Alchemy

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Life is but a dream, the modern age is oh so bright
I’ve got my friends with me, I’m hoping one day we can all meet in real life
I read on Reddit that as long as I don’t leave the house, I could live to be 134
So don’t disrupt my transcendental meditation Facebook group
Just jam all my deliveries through the doggy door

My best friend Apple told me my screen time was down 13%
Ain’t that a shame? If I worked hard enough I bet I’d get that number up before the week is spent
I couldn’t really tell you what it is we’ve all been doing most of our lives
Hell that’s okay, no need to understand
Just dish out all the love you can before you lose the light

If you can’t find what you need in a search engine
You might actually have to double click your soul
When enlightenment’s delivery is still pending
At least it’s being delivered at all

Life is but a dream, we can live inside our heads
Unlikely as it seems, we are the narrators of all our hope and dread
I read on Reddit if we concentrated hard enough
The world would bend to fit all our requests
Well, I tried that yesterday and I’m not so sure it works that ‘cause
I haven’t grown wings or met Obama yet

If healthcare was affordable, I bet more of us would get our stuff checked out
As for me, it’s WebMB and my friend @bonerman153
Who reckons what I’ve got is probably gout
I read on Reddit if I bide my time than maybe I could load my brain into a cyborg shell
And if I still identify as what I was before than I can dominate the Olympic games in 3012

The drums of war are sounding like a samba
It’s getting tougher every moment to ignore
These modern days have fallen down on hard luck
Yet we’re still luckier than we’ve ever been before

I had a dream about what happens when it’s over, it said they’d tell me when I got there in the end
While I dig the irony of this sardonic sensual symphony that we are all destined not to truly comprehend
Like taking college math classes the day after you’ve come out of the womb
Even the world’s smartest baby couldn’t learn cubic equations before the final’s due

We’ll never know what’s coming down the pipeline
I hear life and death play cards on the weekend
Of all the lives I’ve lived within my lifetime
I’m grateful to be here with you my friends

And if we’re all to build this world together
We’ll have to let whatever doesn’t heal us to move on (x4)