From the recording American Alchemy

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You want to play music in modern times?
Well, here’s some hints to help you make up your mind
It’s gonna take your money, it’ll take all of your pride
And if you’re lucky, you’ll play out enough to barely get by

You’ll be away from your home
Your life becomes the road
Gotta pay your dues
Playing to empty rooms
With people’s backs to you
Getting paid in booze
Oh you better love it too

You finally start selling a ticket or two
And for the first time you’ve got money and pride you can afford to lose
One night you’re killing, playing for an attentive crowd
And the next, the venue owns tell you to turn the fuck down

You get used to being alone
While some starts to grow
Playing to better rooms
Feel it pulse and bloom
Hey, have you heard the news?
You might make it through!
You better love that too (you better love that too) (x2)

They say “Boy, when you gonna make it?”
“When can I tell my friends that we shared a beer?”
Well we’re not quite sure how to take it
We’re already here!
Already here

So now you made it, yeah you kissed the sky
And your idols turned out to be your friends in disguise

All the time spent on the road
Was the fuel that helped you grow
Yeah to push on through
Find a solid groove
Ditch what wasn’t you
Leaving only truth
Oh you better love that too (you better love that too) (x4)