From the recording American Alchemy

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It’s been a long time, you’ve been holding on to that power
But these old ideas can’t solve the issues of our modern hour
It was a good life, lording over the fall
The tighter the squeeze, the quicker it all crumbles

It’s been coming for awhile
You can drag your feet like they’re going out of style
Ain’t no reason for alarm, it’s just the changing of the guard

It starts with one voice, all alone in the crowd
Equipped with a vision for the world and the courage to testify out loud
Just as that soapbox starts to feel to high
Someone slips their hand in yours and that dream amplified
They all start to gather round
What once was two is ten thousand now
Stronger together than apart
An army of incendiary hearts will spark a changing of the guard

It might feel difficult this new way
It’s oh so hard to shed The past
All the relics of the old world weren’t built to last

So bring on the new times
Cheers to the brand new day
Where we love on each other, holy mother we all came from the same place

We were written in the stars
You can change your clothes but it’s carved in our hearts
One nation under art
Get those boots laced up my babies, we are the changing of the guard